About Royal Melbourne Golf Club – Presidents Cup 2019 Venue

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is probably one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Australia. Golf players all over the world visit the Royal Melbourne Golf Club to fight against top competitors of the world.

Well, talking about the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, it was founded in 1891 where it has hosted some of the really top golf matches altogether. Alongside the domestic tournaments, the ground is well-known for hosting international events too.

Also, the Royal Melbourne Golf Club has got a really proud reputation to deliver a world-class experience to the fans along with the members.

Therefore, if you are willing to grab some of the really best information about the amazing Golf Ground, we have got the most amazing insights for you.

Together, let’s come along as we are about to unwrap some of the very best details, one by one.

Amazing Insights About the Royal Melbourne Golf Club

First of all, from golf grounds all over the world, the Royal Melbourne Golf Club is ranked number one in Australia. Also, among the golf clubs of the entire world, it is inevitably ranked at no 5 right in the Golf Digest’s 200 Greatest International Golf Courses for the year 2018.

For a very long period of time, much has been written about the gold ground for years. Indeed, it also has been the home ground for most of the biggest golf players.

Ranging from the famous Tiger Woods to different players, Royal Melbourne Golf Club has been loved by players of almost all over the world.

Now, browsing through the highlights of the golf ground, there are lots of them. Starting with the bold bunkering rough areas, they are the mix of native grasses that naturally binds every hole. This eventually gives a great contrast along with the definition to the entire Melbourne Golf Club.

Even more, the greens have been for decades whereas consistency of the world-class has been one major highlight.

Altogether, the greens are pretty beautiful, large which are built to look amazing from every possible angle.

A Take on Dr. Alister MacKenzie

Dr. Alister MacKenzie was a famous British golf course architect who designed some of the most famous golf courses in the world. Originally being a surgeon, he found his interest in designing the golf grounds where he achieved success and fame.

He was also a member of the World Golf Hall of Game where he has designed around 50 golf courses including the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

Now, coming back at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, it consists of different holes where each hole has got the same consistency and design.

Starting with the fifth hole, it’s the very first one-shooter right on the West Course. Also, it’s inevitably one of the very best holes in Melbourne ground where you can see the green sitting right opposite the uphill.

Secondly, the 6th hole is one of the best two-shot holes where you can perfect your two-shot games right with this hole. Here, the tee shot is played right over the amazing expanse of heath and sand. After this, the player must make a keen decision whether he wants to carry over the bunkers or not.

Even more, the Green Slopes quite sharp from the front towards the back end is a simple one too.

Altogether, the sixth hole is one of the best ones for someone who likes to practice and become a sheer master in golf games.

Final Word of Mouth

Summing up the entire article, hope you have got exclusive and amazing information about the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Indeed, among different golf clubs present all over the world, the Royal Melbourne is inevitably the best class one in Australia.

Whether you are the type of person who likes watching golf games or want to take a shot in golf domestic matches, the Royal Melbourne Golf Club is inevitably the best of all golf clubs.

Hence, as of now that you know the details about the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, you can do one good thing. Think over it again, get the tickets for Presidents Cup 2019 and watch golf games in the best possible manner.


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